Top Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer should know for 2022

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Top Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer should know for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends Every Business Should Know

In this article we will talk about 7 Digital Marketing, SEO and SMO Trends You Should Know Before Even Starting Your Business.

Digital Marketing is growing very fastly. Nowadays every business is on social media focussing the most on Digital Marketing strategies. The days were gone when you see a salesman on your door selling products. Nowadays we all see ads on Social Media, High demand for SEOs and creative ways of promoting brands.

If you want to cope up with the changing environment and wish your business to make profits in this amount of competition, these are some strategies/trends you should know even before starting your business! It’s 2020 already, you might be ahead of competitors but the business environment can change and they might adapt themselves first and make profits! Business is all about adapting the trends. In 2020, many new trends emerged with few effective old ones:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the most growing technology adopted by businesses worldwide. According to the Cambridge dictionary, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of how to produce machines that have some of the qualities that the human mind has, such as the ability to understand language, recognize pictures, solve problems, and learn. In simple words, AI is a technology which lets a machine do the work which a human can, to save time and resources. It can analyse the search patterns and use data from different platforms and curate them to find the demands of the customer. Google AI, Siri in your iPhone, Tesla’s Self Driving car, etc. are some of the examples of AI. According to the current situation, it’s not wrong to say that AI will be the future of Digital Marketing.

  1. Google Discover

What if we tell you that you can let people find your business without searching for it?

People use Google’s Discover feature to find new ideas and interesting contents. Discover feature limits to only Android smartphones but soon it will be available in all the Google mobile browsers. So it’s a huge opportunity for all the businesses to grow in a very easy way. Google Discover feature creates a feed of interest according to the user. It is based on the browser history, functions of AI and personal interests of the user which can be discovered through cookies. A study shows that more than 800 million people are using the Google Discover feature and this is just a beginning.

  1. Voice Search

Due to the introduction of Siri and Alexa, the no voice searches are increasing rapidly. In India, Voice Search is most common among illiterate people or those who are too busy to type. Moreover, in 2020 almost 50% of all the searches are voice based. In voice search, the terms are different. For example, if you want to know about the price of iPhone 11, you’ll simply type ‘iPhone 11 prices’ but in voice search you’re more specific, you’ll ask ‘what is the price of iPhone 11’. The searches are in question form. So your content should also be in such a way that it gains more audience. One way of tackling this issue is to post blogs in question-answer form or in points, it will generate the keywords and also helpful for the audience to read a particular part which is more informative and useful for them.

  1. Importance of local SEO

If a customer wants a tutor for his child, he might simply search for it. But most people prefer to get all the products and services nearby. So he will search ‘tutors near me’ for a better experience. Research shows that from 2013 to 2017 there was a 900% increase in the term ‘near me’ in searches. Have you ever experienced that while searching for a product or service, during typing the suggestion appears with ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’ at the end. If you’re operating a local business then it’s a golden opportunity to grow your business locally. Optimising for a local SEO might work for businesses working locally. Creating and optimising your listing on Google My Business will let your local listing to show up before the organic listings. This will direct users to the local businesses nearby. If you want to take advantage of being a local business, optimise your Google My Business with a local SEO.

  1. Video Marketing

With the global increase in the usage of social media, and the endless features being introduced, the usage of video marketing has doubled in the last 5 years. Most people don’t prefer to read long paragraphs to find a single useful line. Video Marketing attracts audiences as they don’t have to do anything to get information. A person can watch a video while doing their other work simultaneously. Video Marketing includes video advertisements on social media, platforms like YouTube were used to provide information but a major update of IGTV by Instagram also let you post videos of more than 1 minute length. Another major feature is live videos. Started by YouTube and now adapted by most social media platforms, live videos are most preferable if you want to interact with the audience and want to know their feedback.

  1. Chat Box

Chat Box emerged as a very convenient means of communication between a business and a customer. A user prefers a chat box in a website as it interacts with the audience in real time, day or night, and provides personalized solutions to every problem encountered. Some of the advantages of using a chat box are- 24 hour service, instant support to the query, answer to personalized questions, etc. In an estimate, by 2022, chat boxes will help businesses save upto $8 billion per annum.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing refers to using social media influencers or celebrities to promote their products or services. These influencers are generally famous among youth and have a great amount of followers which can provide a huge amount of reach for the business. It is beneficial as people trust a recognised personality’s opinion about a brand than the owner itself. An influencer generally promotes a business on Instagram or YouTube. Brands pick famous YouTube creators, TikTok stars or Instagram influencers/bloggers to promote their post. As the trend is supporting all the creators, this marketing strategy is quite useful!

There are many more trends, strategies and hacks to grow your business. Even these might not be permanent! A business environment keeps on changing regularly. All you have to do is to cope up with the environment, identify the trend and work towards the goal in full swing. An idea might fail but efforts never!

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